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Funeral Neol-san Ltd. was established in 1992, in Belgrade. Our main activity is organization of funerals and cremation, transportation of the deceased in our contry and abroad, sale of funeral equipment.

Funeral Neol-san Ltd.

The founders are Olivera and Nebojša Petrović who successfully lead an independent, family business which helps families and friends in planning and organizing the funeral, respecting the life and work of the deceased.


One of the first creators of the idea that private companies can perform this activity, is Nebojša who started his own business as an independent carrier in 1985. Even then, he recognized a need for the private sector in Belgrade, a sector that will also professionally perform this activity.

We have a professional team who  will kindly welcome you in our offices, listen carefully and help you with the organization. At the same place you can choose the funeral equipment, make an appointment for the funeral, choose a floral arrangement, prepare obituaries, get instructions on reimbursement of funeral expenses. 

If you are unable to come to our office, our agents will come by invitation to your address where you will be able to choose the funeral equipment and also complete the entire organization of the funeral. Our company owns exclusively special funeral cars for transportation in the country and abroad.

You can participate in every phase of the funeral organization, or you can let our professional team do everything, knowing that we will do exactly as you want it. We can organize all kinds of funerals, both traditional burials and cremations. We have recognized that a funeral can take different forms depending on the wishes of relatives or friends. Our service is willing to organize a funeral that will meet your requirements, no matter how unusual they may be.

We have recognize that funerals can take different forms depending on the wishes of relatives and friends. On this principle we have built a reputation for quality services. 


Funeral Neol-san Ltd.