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The overall organization of the funeral and cremation with accompanying equipment, providing burial place and date of a farewell.

Organization of a Farewell

Funerals Neol-san BeogradOur team will help you organize the funeral or cremation, we will provide burial place and date of a farewell. We can also arrange the exhumation.

Funerals are conducted every day, except Sunday and the first day of a national holiday. We schedule a date and time of burial on the basis of a Death Certificate. If the family of the deceased does not have a burial place, it is given to the use in following Belgrade's cemeteries: Lešće, Zbeg and Orlovača. If the family of the deceased has its burial place, in scheduling the funeral, the legal owner or his closest relatives fulfills a declaration and the documentation as a proof of kinship with earlier buried  deceased persons.

Send-offs for cremations are performed at the New cemetery, cemetery Lešće and Orlovača, every day except Sunday and the first day of a national holiday. Application for cremation is submitted by the closest relative of the deceased or the authorized person, when scheduling the funeral. 

Neol-san organization of a FarewellExhumations are carried out in the period from October 1 to April 30. Mandatory period for the rest of the mortal remains in grave is ten years. A request to exhume the remains and urns may be submitted only by the legal owner of the burial place from which the transfer is made, and the perpetrator of the funeral of the deceased whose remains were exhumed, by providing adequate data on the second place of rest and consent of the legal owner for use of that burial place.

If the exhumed remains were transferred out of the city's cemeteries, it is necessary to give a certificate of ownership of the burial place for the burial. The certificate is issued by the competent institution in the place where the transfer is made.


Transport services Neol-sanTransport services

Company Neol-san transports the deceased in the country and abroad with special attested funeral vehicles . We also have permission to take and transport the deceased from the airport, and we can provide a place for an escort. 

We can also provide documentation about the deceased person (Death Certificate and the Transit permit for the remains of deceased outside of the town cemeteries). 


Assistance in arranging funerals

Floral arrangements Floral arrangements

We will help you to decide on the right choice of floral arrangements, teardrop bouquets, wreaths and bouquets. Floral arrangements can be made of natural or silk flowers and our partners will help you with advice and suggestions to choose the right colour and type of flowers.


Religious ceremony

If you want, we will organize a religious ceremony, notify the parochial priest, organize the church choir, advise what is necessary to prepare for the act. If you are not capable of doing it yourself, we can prepare a set for a funeral service by instructions of the parochial priest. Also, we can help you to serve everything at the cemetery.


In our office you can submit obituaries, mentions and remembrances for the daily newspaper. If you find it difficult to prepare the appropriate text, our staff will assist you to write it and to select the right format, as well.
We make and print obituaries (posthumous placards).

Funeral orchestra 

Funeral orchestraYou can magnify the farewell of the deceased by engaging a funeral orchestra that will accompany the deceased with an appropriate commemorative repertoire. You can rent the whole funeral orchestra or just a particular instrument. The members of the orchestra are trained professional musicians.

Post-funeral reception

If you want to serve food after funeral for family and friends, you can do it in peace of your home, or in a particular restaurant with a recommendation. We will offer you exclusive professional catering service that will surely meet your requirements, or a special restaurant where you can peacefully and in pleasant ambience spend time after funeral with your family and friends, recalling fond memories. You can let  professionals serve for you.

Legal aidLegal aid

We will help you in regulating compensations for funeral expenses from the Civil and military pension funds, in exercising the rights to a family pension from Soldier's fund, payment of life insurance policies and other rights after death.

Funeral fund  

In cooperation with the joint-stock company Sava insurance, we can recommend an insurance system - Golden Autumn program, which is designed for people who have a responsibility to themselves and their loved ones, who think of the financial security of their loved ones in the days to come, and who once thought to spare some money that would remain and help their family, after their death. This insurance program includes persons at the age of 50 to 80 years, and the duration of the insurance is during the lifetime. Regardless of the duration of the life insurance, the premium is paid only until the age of 85.